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 Things to Know

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PostSubject: Things to Know   Things to Know EmptyThu 31 Mar - 5:37

For the most part, we want this forum to be a really laid back place where we can all come together and chat about reborns and anything else!
With that being said, we do want to enforce a few rules to keep this place up and running smoothly.

First, ABSOLUTELY no drama! Come on guys, we're all Young Adults/Adults here, I think we can handle chatting without drama.

The second rule goes along with the first. We don't need drama here. If you're a member of another forum, that's fine and dandy, but with that being said, don't trash us or talk crap behind our backs. We will find out and you'll be gone with the rest of the Drama Llamas.

Third, be kind and curtious to the other members. You know the old saying "Treat people the way you want to be treated" Well that applies here too!

Fourth, honesty is a big thing for us. We're all old enough to know the dangers of the internet, but we would like you to post your real name and your real age. You wouldn't want to think you're talking to your good friend when you're really talking to a whole different person, would you?

The fith and final rule is, we are members of quite a few forums and we know a lot about a lot of people. If we find out you've scammed someone, whether it was by not sending the items someone paid for, or you sent something other than what the person paid for, you will not be welcome here. This goes for reborn related purchases and non reborn related. We will find out.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope to see you on The Mommy Lounge soon!

-Sarah and Krissy
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Things to Know
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